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The title of this article conveys the impression that the secrets to having wonderful sex are being disclosed by a man who is an expert in dealing with Kanpur escort girls. However, the reality is that it is being written by me, a girl, an escort, and someone who has so much sex regularly that it seems weird to suggest ways to have mind-blowing sex with an elite escort girl. But to be frank, I find it amusing to be told not to think of sexual fantasies as I am myself an escort. Based upon my experiences with a variety of men, I think I am better equipped to reveal the secret ways using which men can hope to enjoy mind-blowing sex with an Elite Girlfriend Experience(Elite GFE).

Hello, I am Jessica, (not my real name, of course), a young 25-year-old Kanpur call girl offering services to my clients on a frequent basis. In fact, I don't even know on which day of the week I will get a chance to enjoy a holiday. Sex is something 

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I indulge in it very frequently. That does not mean I should not be kinky or I should not be talking about sex. In fact, I enjoy the act and all the foreplay even though it is a part of my profession. Can you ask a painter or a musician not to enjoy his creations? I may be earning through sex but I still have every right to enjoy and feel excited with sex. 

Coming back to the topic, I have to admit the fact that men find it easier than women to discuss their fantasies with each other. In fact, men boast about their fantasies and keep telling their close friends about which ones of their fantasies have been realized in real life. 

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On the contrary, Escorts in Kanpur tend to be shy on this subject as they fear they might be labeled as sluts. If a woman feels sexy and desires to wear a revealing outfit, she is pointed out as a threat to society. This is why I feel that women face lots of restrictions when it comes to sex. Women are supposed to keep mum and not talk overtly about their fantasies. But all this is not going to stop me from sharing my views on ways to achieve mind-blowing sex with a Kanpur escort girl.

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